The reason why Turkish Clothing Manufacturers are a top choice for Fashion Brands

Turkey is recognized as a leading manufacturer of apparel. According to reports from the market for 2019, the country ranked the sixth position in the list of top exporters of apparel in the world. Additionally, the clothing producers in Turkey cooperate with the biggest manufacturers and consumers in the fashion sector – which makes it an important hub for textiles and clothing.

There are numerous benefits to working with Turkish apparel producers, such as:

Extensive production capacity
Accessibility to other markets.
Specialization in organic textiles
Highly skilled workforce
Low minimum order quantities (MOQs)
The focus should be on sustainability and practices to protect the environment.
Partner in collaboration with some of the largest fashion houses in the world

Being one of the largest manufacturing nations worldwide, Turkey produces vast amounts of textile and clothing options each year. A variety of raw materials is readily available such as cotton, wool synthetic materials, and most recently environmentally friendly textiles. Whatever your fashion label requires, Turkish clothing manufacturers are available to help you find the most appropriate choices.

The geographical location of Turkey makes it an ideal location to ship goods across Europe and further. Manufacturers in Turkey typically offer shorter time frames, with the average being 60 days including delivery. The lead times are considerably less than those of manufacturers in the Far East, meaning fashion brands are able to get their clothing into stores and online more quickly.

Many TURKISH clothing manufacturers SPECIALISE in organic textiles
The region is a rich range of raw materials that include sustainable alternatives. Many of the companies are part of the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and the Better Cotton Programme. The pursuit of greener options is a major focus in many Turkish manufacturing facilities for clothing with the recycling of fabric and the reduction of waste in the process being a major feature.

Picking a Turkish manufacturer will give you access to a highly skilled workforce. The roots of the production of apparel are as old as the 1200s and are a crucial element of local communities. This significant sector in Turkey produces talented fabric makers and garment makers with a lot of energy and passion for their job.

If you’re searching for manufacturers of clothing that have low MOQs, looking for Turkish clothing vendors is an excellent option. The clothing makers in the region provide one of the lowest minimum order quantities in comparison to other countries. This is great for fashion start-up companies and designers.

The Turkish textile sector is investing heavily in techniques to increase sustainability and the environmental protection of its manufacturing processes. One such example can be 3D sampling. A report from McKinsey & Company in 2019 revealed that 83% of respondents believed that physically-based samples will be less and smaller by 2025 and virtual samples becoming more prevalent.

TURKISH Apparel FACTORIES works with some of the biggest fashion brands in the world.
If you’re in search of garment manufacturers that have excellent references and a solid track record, Turkey is an excellent option. The region’s manufacturers work with some of the most renowned fashion houses in the world, such as ASOS, Karen Millen, and H&M.

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